Devops services Standardize practices and
automate every operation

We are a  fast-growing IT service provider and agile tech-solution developer with a knack on latest technologies. We help you fractionate silos and restore them with agile and transparent relationships between developers and operations for seamless, fast workflows that drive greater efficiencies. We are acknowledged  for our agile/DevOps development operations, SLA driven approach, and well-timed project delivery. Since the beginning, we have proven our mettle in the arena of Devops, across multiple geographies and industry segments.

We cover all aspects of Software Development Life Cycle from building, deploying, testing to configuration management with the latest software delivery technologies. Our dedicated team has expertise over a wide spectrum of industries to achieve business, technical and developmental advantage and more stable operating environments. Improve your product and amplify the pace of releases.

Infrastructure Management

IT Infrastructure management

Presently businesses are being empowered to deliver software more efficiently, by changing, deploying and replicating the infrastructure rapidly. DevOps is an effective way of developing and deploying software. NestorOps experts help you in achieving on-demand provisioning of development and test environments that mirror production environments without altering underlying infrastructure.

We build a powerful framework that collaborates with automation and analytics tools to create robust infrastructure that can adapt to the expansion and momentum of your thriving business. We completely automate throughout the delivery cycle to minimize cost of your projects and streamline the IT infrastructure. In the journey to DevOps, whether you are a budding company or already know where you stand, our experts are always ready to help.

Continuous Integration

Continuous integration Continuous delivery

Since each step is automated, Continuous Integration (CI)/ Continuous Delivery (CD) forms the core of agile methodology facilitating software development teams to focus to achieve business requirements, ensure code quality, and security. It increases the frequency of deployments by identifying and resolving defects early in the development cycle and encouraging closer collaboration between developers and making it a critical practice for DevOps.

Our focus is to achieve higher deployment frequency, more stable systems, higher quality software, find and address bugs quicker and deliver updates faster ultimately improving the quality of Code. Our DevOps team focuses on frequent code checks to avoid complex merge issues, automates manual tasks & processes to facilitate continuous integration & delivery.

Deployment Services

Deployment Services

Completely eliminate human protections against unproven code in live software. Deployment Services is a software development practice in which every code changing process goes through the entire pipeline and is put into production automatically. Continuous Deployment services layout the tools to accelerate implementation of DevOps practices.

We offer deep expertise in designing technology toolchains and automation enabling your organization to quickly deliver services, securely and on-time. We ensure a seamless delivery of IT services, allowing our clients to align with their goals to produce high-quality software-based products and services. NestorOps’s goal is to enable development and operations to collaboratively support production towards the result of a fast, fluid and continuous software deployment.

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