Deployment Services

It is a software development practice in which every code changing process goes through the entire pipeline and is put into production automatically which results in many production deployments every day.


Continuous deployment eliminates human protections against unproven code in live software. Our   development and IT teams implement it only when it is strictly adhere to production-ready development practices, in-depth testing and when they apply sophisticated real-time production monitoring to detect potential problems.


The workflow is moved up the pipeline and adapts to changes at different stages of the pipeline (system test, integration test, pre-production, production, etc.). It automatically addresses the entire pipeline, reduces the workload of all teams and supports frequent change that can be easily tracked and audited to the server inventory level, including the production environment.


Continuous deployment is an advancement over continuous streaming in which each source code changes automatically deployed in production, without the explicit approval of a developer. The work of a developer usually ends with an extraction request from a teammate. A CI / CD service takes over by running all the tests and deploying the code in the production, while keeping the team informed of the results of each important event.


Nestor Ops’s goal is to enable development and operations to collaboratively support production towards the result of a fast, fluid and continuous software deployment.

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