Our mission is clear

Nestorops is a platform for IT professionals to discover and build innovation in companies, that connects with the people, and looks forward for new opportunities with them.

We Innovate

We believe that a decency in business efficiency is achieved by transforming the organizations and the processes into a group of technology and automation.

Our Performance

Our Team solutions eliminates the boundary between organisations in the enterprise, which leads in improvement of market within time and optimize the cost of the new product.


Deependra Rathore

Other people's successes are good news - for them and for you. Good for you because they show you a way to go.

We’re coordinated because of passion which helps us grow companies. This enables our transformation into the market. We have enabled the enterprises for digitally transforming with the Cloud or Data Strategies.


A strong experience in development of organizations having small or large company size. We have excelled in providing mobile, web and also the desktop solution monitoring services.


We believe in multiplicity that stimulates the determination of better solutions and covers the old complications which are unanswered. We want to emulate the access to the probabilities so that companies including with people having different perspectives can accelerate innovation to make the future better.

Let's help you!