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A professional association was seeking to reimagine their entire day-to-day business operations in order to boost their real-time productivity, cut operations costs, and accelerate their business. The objective was to smoothen the way for a more modern Azure DevOp platform and Saas Business model.




Team Foundation Server (TFS), is an on-premises version, which involves expensive application costs and long hours of downtime. The client was using this outdated business processes for document management, project collaboration, and employee accessibility to corporate information. This ultimately reflected in their productivity causing inefficient processes,limited information sharing and too many mundane tasks.

Following were the problems faced by the client:

  • Does not  have the latest version with the newest functionalities and features.
  • Lots of attention on the infrastructure, server maintenance, security, updates, backups, and operating system licenses.
  • TFS doesn’t have many compliance certificates to meet. 
  • Not secured access to the business environment from anywhere using any device by employees.


Our Intervention:


This Project was based on migration of Team Foundation server Repository to Microsoft Azure Devops. An additional task was to set up CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous deployment) pipelines on Azure Devops using Octopus Deployment tool. Our team performed a thorough analysis of the overall strategy and identified key issues.

We followed a customised approach using an open source tool for smooth migration.  We provided the following actionable recommendations:

  • Created Azure CI pipeline for application deployment
  • Configured Azure application and SQL database
  • Migrated the existing infrastructure (code and database to azure) from TFS 
  • Implemented release notifications for email alerts of deployment
  • Integrated CI pipeline with octopus tool for continuous deployment
  • Implement security measures on application servers
  • Secured environment variables
  • Configured advanced search capabilities for database




The goal of our team to successfully migrate from TFS to Azure Devops by following the Microsoft manual with precision was met. Custom CI/CD environment was achieved along with octopus deployment tools integrated with Azure Devops. 

The entire process of compiling, building and testing was accomplished in seconds, saving a lot of time. Our efforts also prevented disconnections and minimized risks. Overall, we helped  to achieve the DevOps goal of delivering faster results, improved navigation experience, Tighter GitHub Enterprise Integration, Azure SQL Database Support and advanced search capabilities.

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