Devops consulting Continuous Integration





The client  needed help in getting their CI/CD pipeline running and capable of scaling.

Our Intervention:


Continuous Integration (CI) is a software development approach that divides the development into smaller pieces and allows teams to run tests frequently, detecting problems earlier and produce faster outputs.  

Our Devops team observed the following structural approach to break down the issue in smaller problems.


  • Gaps in vision & strategy of CI/CD pipeline.
  • Analysed continuous Integration gaps.
  • Identified gaps in overall test strategy.
  • Engaged with the client’s internal team to assess their CI and agile scrum needs.
  • Architectured CI flow and objectives
  • Leveraged Jenkins to incorporate continuous integration into the process
  • Developed automated test


We focused on frequent code checks to avoid complex merge issues. Once the code was archived by the team, the CI system took control and monitored the source code repositories for all projects and extracted an updated version of the code when it detected a new validation. 



With Nestorops intervention, we freed up more time to fix defects, facilitated debugging, shortened test cycles, and decreased the number of unpredictable issues at the end of the development cycle and in production. Overall, we helped them achieve the following:


  1. End to end automation and result
  2. Faster build generation and code releases to production
  3. Faster incident response
  4. Fewer bottlenecks stalling project teams
  5. Significantly enhanced the client’s ROI from CI
  6. Continuous build process without any human interventions 
  7. No maintenance needed 
  8. Better release management for build artifacts 

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