Infrastructure Management

Presently businesses are being empowered, to deliver software’s more efficiently, by changing, deploying and replicating the infrastructure rapidly. DevOps is an effective way of developing and deploying software. On the other hand Infrastructure-on-demand requirement that holds back many organizations from adopting the DevOps model, despite its promise of competitive advantage. Traditional IT infrastructure does not support responsiveness as DevOps does.

NestorOps has prior expertise to help you manage and bring together different activities of various functional groups and maintain alignment, improve quality, and lower costs, ensuring a seamless delivery of IT services.

NestorOps experts help you in achieving on-demand provisioning of development and test environments that mirror production environments – without you altering underlying infrastructure.

Our offerings include:

Automated provisioning

Scaling up of servers within minutes

Elimination of server state mismatch

Bringing up servers in deploy Real estate

We are not limited to this, we extend our services and cover following parameter as well:

  • Security coverage at Application & Data level
  • Scalable environment as needed, either by Application or Database
  • Ensure Availability of Application/Database
  • Monitoring & Reporting in terms of Critical Alerts & Warning
  • Backup & Restore protect you from any data loss or unplanned downtime

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